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 Transformer Hollow Bushing Insulator 
Transformer Hollow Bushing Insulator
porcelain bushing/ceramic bushing/ceramic hollow insulator/hollow bushing/porcelain shell
126kv oil immersed transformer porcelain shell                                                500kv oil immersed transformer porcelain shell
126kv oil immersed transformer hollow insulator     500kv transformer porcelain shell
Transformer hollow bushing insulator is used to take the high voltage and low voltage down-lead within the transformer out of the oil tank. It is not only the insulation to the earth for the down-lead but also a supporting and fixing part. Therefore, the transformer hollow insulator / ceramic hollow insulator must meet the electrical and mechnical strength shown in the manufacturing standard.
Middle voltage transformer can use ceramic/porcelain bushing insulator; high voltage transformer normally uses oil immersed porcelain bushing and capacitive ceramic hollow insulator.
Transformer hollow bushing insulator has various of shape:
ANSI thread ceramic hollow insulator
DIN transformer bushing                    
             with semi-conductor glaze or
                  semi-conductor paint
                   transformer bushing
DIN transformer bushing               south africa transformer bushing
               DIN transformer bushing                                    South African transformer bushing
         DIN 42530,42531,42533,42539
Transformer accessories: transformer sleeves,butterfly valves, valve-s,ball valves,moisture absorbers and insulators for transformer.

DIN transformer bushing accessories assembly

transformer bushing transformer bushing accessory transformer bushing accessory



   High voltage ceramic insulator

    Ceramic hollow insulator
        Circuit breaker bushing
        Capacitor porcelain bushing
        Transformer bushing      

        Instrument transformer bushing 
        Cable ceramic bushing insulator 

     Ceramic overhead line insulator
        Ceramic suspension insulator 
         Ceramic line post insulator 
        Ceramic pin insulator
        Ceramic stay insulator
Ceramic spool insulator
        Ceramic shackle insulator
     Ceramic station post insulator 


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