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 Cable Hollow Bushing Insulator 
Ceramic Cable Bushing Insulator
cable bushing/ceramic bushing/porcelain bushing/hollow insulator/hollow bushing
    135kv cable porcelain bushing
         cable porcelain bushing insulator                                             220KV cable porcelain bushing
                                                                     220kv outdoor ceramic cable bushing insulator
Cable ceramic hollow bushing insulator is used for the cable outlet. It can be classified into indoor and outdoor cable bushing type.
The cable hollow bushing insulator performance is stable, reliable and easy installation. The long-term working temperature and carrying capacity meet the requirements of the relative cable. It has high mechnical strength, good insulation and excellent anti-pollution quality.
Use area:
When used on the power tower, ceramic cable bushing insulator is directly connected with the overhead line.
When used on the substation, cable ceramic hollow bushing insulator is connected with the transformers, electrical switches and other devices.



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