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Ceramic Station Post Insulator/Solid Core Insulator/Ceramic Insulator/Porcelain Insulator

This solid core station post insulator is an insulator of generally columnar shape, and it consists of one post insulator unit or an assembly of such units and is intended to give rigid support to a live part which is insulated from earth or from another live part.
Solid core station post insulator may be manufactured according to IEC, ANSI, BS and other standards, with cantilever strength from 4kN to 18kN, which is used on 15kV to 750kV station and substation.
There are two types for ceramic station post insulator, normal type and anti-pollution type. 
Solid core Station Post Insulator including: TR post insulator

Solid-Core Station Post Insulators to meet ANSI C29.9:
TR-202, TR-205, TR-208, TR-210, TR-214, TR-216, TR-286, TR-287, TR-288, TR-289, TR-291, TR-304, TR-312, TR-362, TR-369, TR391

big ANSI TR station post insulator

ANSI station post insulator


Ceramic Station Post Insulator to meet IEC 273:
C4-125, C4-150, C4-170, C4-200, C4-250, C6-325, C6-450, C6-550, C6-650, C8-750, C10-950, C10-1050, C12.5-1550, C10-1675C C10-1800, C10-2100, C10-2550. 
 ceramic post insulator   station post insulator



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